3 flights and 26 hours later. Goodmorning Cannes!

First stop, Grasse, a province in the French Riviera and the worlds capital of perfume.

The May Roses. Handpicked one by one and infused into Dior’s, Miss Dior.

A Dior petal pouch. These Roses only bloom during the month of May! Hence the name, ‘May Rose’.

I’ll take all three bags back to Sydney with me please!


A day in the life of a Dior Rose Picker!

Don’t you wish this photo was a scratch & sniff?

Meet Ted, a friend and photographer accompanying me on the trip 🙂

Next stop, La Colle Noire! Christian Dior’s second home.

Miss Dior & Mr Dior.

He would escape Paris to visit his home here, in the South of France, to indulge in his love for Flowers.

The history lives on.


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