The Great Wave

I didn’t realise how much growing up in Australia has effected my relationship with wildlife and the ocean until I started living in other cities. I feel this deep connection with the ocean mentally and physically.

I live in Bondi, about 100m away from the beach, and although I don’t go into the water everyday, just knowing the ocean is there right beside me has this calming effect on me.

The other week, I had the absolute pleasure in joining Tiffany & Co along with 8 other journalists at Lizard Island to discover The Great Barrier Reef for ourselves & learn how climate change has effected The Reef. 

I sit here writing this, spitballing ideas on how to articulate exactly how majestic the underwater world is without doing it an injustice. I really don’t think its possible but I’ll try for this stories sake. Think about the most exquisite flora & fauna you’ve seen in your lifetime.. Now add vibrant, metallic scales to it and then imagine it in an entirely different underwater atmosphere where fish swim in schools and sea turtles roam and the clams react to your touch.. It’s the beauty that we already get to experience on land, but in my eyes it’s so much more delicate & enchanting underwater.

Now, with every good story comes a plot twist. All of that magic is in danger and the Reef is desperate for your help. In 2016 and 2017 The Reef took a hit of 2 of the biggest mass bleaching’s it has ever seen, and scientists predict it is only going to get worse this Summer. The bleaching’s are caused by rising sea temperatures (an impact of global warming) and increased UV rays.


Most people feel helpless when they hear about whats happening to The Reef. I don’t. Because I know that there are so many ways I can minimise my carbon footprint by adjusting small things in my daily routine that contribute to climate change.

I’m sure you have probably already heard of the plastic crisis that is going on today. EVERY SINGLE PEICE OF PLASTIC THAT HAS EVER BEEN MADE IS STILL ON THIS EARTH BECAUSE IT IS NOT BIODEGRADABLE. Think about how many drink bottles, product packaging, takeaway bags, containers, bobby pins, plastic straws, iPhone cables, sequins & coffee cups you have used in your entire life.. Every single one of those plastic items are still here on this planet. Recycled, you think? Think again. National Geographic says that only 9% of the worlds plastic, ACTUALLY gets recycled… 

So when you throw it in the bin – where does it go? Well.. it goes into landfill where it breaks down over decades into toxic substances that emit green house gases and contribute to global warming. ORR it ends up in the ocean, where it becomes a threat to our sea life. Fish & sea turtles mistake it for food and then choke on it & die. In fact, just recently a dead whale was found in Indonesia with 13 pounds of plastic found in its stomach. This happens every day. Scientists predict that in 2050 there will be more pieces of plastic than fish in our oceans.. and wrap your head around this.. There are currently 3.5 trillion fish currently living in the world ocean. Wether your minimising your carbon footprint by using less single use plastic, buying sustainable clothing, catching public transport or choosing to walk more often, these choices will indirectly help The Reef.

We paid a visit to the Research Station at Lizard island where a bunch of young & experienced scientist from all over the world come to stay for months at a time to put their hypothesis theories to the test. There is definitely still hope for our Reef, but we cant take this problem lightly. It takes 10 days for coral to bleach & approximately 10 years for that same piece of coral to fully recover.


It has been my absolute pleasure in partnering with Tiffany & Co in their commitment to protecting The Great Barrier Reef by donating 100% of profits of the Wave Pendant to The Great Barrier Reef foundation.  

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